Build Smart.  Build With Midwest Energy!

Our experts can help implement energy efficient design into your next building project.  From spray foam, HVAC, geothermal or home automation, Midwest can help.  With tax credits still available, now is the time to build energy efficient.  Contact us for more information.

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Our mission is about what's most important to the customer - comfort, safety, and saving money.
— Jeremy Atchley, owner of Midwest Energy


Build Smart.  Build With Midwest Energy.

Midwest Energy is taking building science to a whole new level. Our team of engineers, building science professionals, spray foam specialists, home energy technicians, and renewable energy experts provides energy efficient designs for builders and homeowners.

Midwest Energy is a local company serving the Ozarks with 100+ years of combined experience and knowledge in the structural building and renewable energy industries.  We specialize in designing structurally sound, energy efficient homes and buildings and testing new construction for energy efficiency so families can enjoy the safety and comfort of home while saving environmental resources and money.

Our services include spray foam insulation, air sealing packages, energy rating new construction, performing home energy audits, and helping builders and homeowners apply for tax credits, rebates, and other savings.